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OCF Crosspoint Podcast

OCF Crosspoint is a production of Officers' Christian Fellowship and is dedicated to sharing stories of military life at the intersection of faith, family & profession.

Some stories will be informational, educational, inspirational...or maybe all three. OCF's vision is the military community positively impacted through Christ-like leaders. OCF engages military leaders in Biblical fellowship and growth to equip them for Christ-like service at the intersection of faith, family, and profession. For more information, visit the OCF website at



Aug 30, 2021

A caution for listeners: This episode deals with a topic that may affect some listeners. Part of my guest’s story involves trauma resulting from sexual assault. If you’ve experienced a similar trauma, if you have children around, or if you might be around someone who has experienced trauma, please consider coming...

Aug 16, 2021

A few months ago, I received an email from LT Sam Alexander, USN, wanting to tell me how much appreciated hearing the stories on this podcast—especially in a hectic environment where it's not always easy to make time for the Lord, as he says.

Today, Sam will share some of his story, and he’ll give a peek into...

Aug 2, 2021

This episode marks the end of an intentional four-episode focus on identity. Last week, I interviewed Grant Johnson about his dream to be a jet pilot and how he wrapped up his identity in what he hoped would be his military career. Today you're going to hear from his wife, LT Hannah Johnson, USN, as she talks about her...