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OCF Crosspoint Podcast

OCF Crosspoint is a production of Officers' Christian Fellowship and is dedicated to sharing stories of military life at the intersection of faith, family & profession.

Some stories will be informational, educational, inspirational...or maybe all three. OCF's vision is the military community positively impacted through Christ-like leaders. OCF engages military leaders in Biblical fellowship and growth to equip them for Christ-like service at the intersection of faith, family, and profession. For more information, visit the OCF website at



May 31, 2019

In this episode, pastor and author Dr. Gary Phillips discusses a topic he has titled “Basic Training for the Family: Biblical Principles for Navigating Cultural Minefields.”  

Gary is senior pastor of Signal Mountain Bible Church in Chattanooga, Tennessee, where he and his wife, Betsy, have served since 1985. Gary...

May 27, 2019

In this special Memorial Day bonus episode of OCF Crosspoint, we deviate from our typical episode format of sharing stories of military life, and instead, bring you a devotional from "Leader, Draw Near," a weekly devotional written by Col Larry Simpson, USAF (Ret.), and his wife, Bobbie. The Simpsons are also the OCF...

May 20, 2019

According to the Barna Group, 51% of U.S. churchgoers have never heard the term Great Commission, found in Matthew 28:18-20. Furthermore, only 37% could pick it out from among a group of Bible verses. 

So whether you’re in the group who has never heard of the Great Commission, or if you know the Great Commission...

May 6, 2019

Today, we’re talking about spiritual warfare, and our guest is MG Kurt Fuller, USA (Ret.). MG Fuller served 26 years as a paratrooper, 12 years in the Ranger Regiment, and 6 years in combat, including Grenada, Panama, Desert Storm, Haiti, Kosovo, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

He’s also the guest speaker for week 2 of...