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OCF Crosspoint Podcast

OCF Crosspoint is a production of Officers' Christian Fellowship and is dedicated to sharing stories of military life at the intersection of faith, family & profession.

Some stories will be informational, educational, inspirational...or maybe all three. OCF's vision is the military community positively impacted through Christ-like leaders. OCF engages military leaders in Biblical fellowship and growth to equip them for Christ-like service at the intersection of faith, family, and profession. For more information, visit the OCF website at



Oct 26, 2022

Show Notes:

Today’s episode takes us back to the topic of small groups. If you've listened to some of the more recent episodes of this podcast, you might be asking, “Haven't you guys said enough about small groups already?”

In this episode, however, we're going to hit that topic from a slightly different angle as LT Will Parker, USN, and LT Sam Alexander, USN, sit down to talk about their experiences while serving aboard submarines. They discuss the challenges of such a unique environment, the challenges of beginning and maintaining a small group Bible study aboard a submarine, and practical applications for similarly isolated environments.

They also get into the importance of seeking out fellowship with others wherever you can, whether that’s through an OCF small group, a local church body, or with a few peers at work.

If you would like to share your own story, complete the form on OCF’s “Be a Guest” webpage. Alternatively, if you have an idea for a guest or topic I should consider for a future episode of the show, send an email to

As you listen to this conversation with Will and Sam, here are a few questions to ponder in your personal time, with a small group, or with a mentor:

  1. Will and Sam talk about the unique schedules, or lack thereof, of service aboard a submarine and the challenge such irregularity presents in many aspects of life. How do you make time for investing in relationships with God and with others when you can’t control your own schedule?
  2. Recall a time when you had an atypical fellowship group. What made those relationships most impactful despite your unique life circumstances?
  3. Sam mentions a “grab bag” of pre-structured Bible study resources that helped him lead a small group when he didn’t have much time to prepare between gatherings. What resources could you place in your own “grab bag” for future use?
  4. How can you use technology as a tool for pouring into others and receiving encouragement even as you’re away from in-person fellowship?
  5. What practical, realistic goal can you set in your own walk with the Lord? Don’t set a goal for the sake of setting a goal and checking something off your to-do list, but let this goal serve as a reminder to factor its objective into your everyday life.